Wednesday, April 2, 2014

A Day With Friends

Clara and Davey got to have their friends Amelia and Will over all day on Monday while their parents both had to work.  The three "big" kids played so nice and loved helping take care of baby Will.  A five month old and a one, two and three year old will keep you busy!  Good thing Michael was just a holler away when I needed a third hand. ;)  It was such a nice day!

the girls watching Frozen at 6:30 am :)

The first thing Davey did when he woke up was give Will some snuggles.

lots of silliness and giggles

Amelia is such a sweet big sister.

love how they connected their rides with Amelia's blanket :)

So sweet!

more sweetness

looking longingly outside

kisses on the nose

They are such sweet friends.  I'm sure the other mom at the park thought all three of them were mine and that Davey and Amelia are twins since they are the exact same height and have the exact same color hair and Clara and Amelia coincidentally have the same coat. :)

Amelia loved the orange slide.

Clara making "sand"wiches behind the counter

Davey happy after driving the wheel

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