Friday, March 27, 2015

Park, Zoo & Skyforce Game

Last Monday the 16th the kids and I headed to the park for some fun.  It ended up being a lot windier than we thought it was, but that didn't stop us even though we about blew away!

This boy.  He comes down head first most of the time. :)

Clara loves swinging on her belly.

Monday night all of my siblings and niece and nephew came over to hang out.

the princess and the princess's puppy (check out the slippers on her paws haha)

The kids sang a little karaoke to Frozen songs.

At life group that Tuesday these two sweeties had matching pjs on.  They are a couple of my favorite little girls and are both just a month younger than Davey.

Davey says, "Look, a mama like you and a baby like me." :)  We met most of my side of the family at the zoo on Thursday the 19th.

I love this picture because you can see how Clara is holding Davey back from the goat's mouth.  She's always looking out for him.

feeding the goat for the first time

I think he liked it! ;)

Grandma Ann and Benj swinging the birthday boy

cousins :)

she loves climbing trees

I love how he's still little enough where doing little things like putting his hands in his hoodie pocket is just adorable.

the whole crew

Zachary and Atika came home with us and we had a sleepover complete with pizza and Big Hero 6.

play doh ice cream

last Friday night my entire family (minus Gabby & Isaac) went to the Skyforce game together

cotton candy

my favorite little guy

Uncle Jacob is the best!

nice photo bomb by auntie Jenna ;)

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