Thursday, March 19, 2015

Welcome Spring

Tomorrow is technically the first day of spring, but it felt like spring most days this past week and we couldn't be happier about that!

The kids LOVE their Paw Patrol toys!

Last Monday Clara played with the Paw Patrol Lookout for FIVE hours straight!

She's been playing with her castle a lot lately too.

Last Monday was nice enough to get the bikes out!

Davey was sick on Tuesday so we had a pajama day and Clara created with her stampers.

Wednesday we met the Murrays at The Outdoor Campus for the "P" is for Porcupine class.  We got there early so we played for awhile.

inside the big fish

watching the puppet show about porcupines

making porcupines :)

Clara's on the left, Davey's on the right

my adorable porcupine!

then we all headed to the park

our adorable buddy Will

little lady crossing her legs

Clara was invited to Celia's birthday party on Thursday!  This was her first little friend's party that was just for the little girls.

singing "happy birthday"

they had a blast jumping on the trampoline

Love these little 4 year olds!

Auntie Jenna is visiting from California!  She spent the night Thursday and played and played with the kids.

We went to the zoo on Friday. :)

feeding the ducks

one of the giraffes decided to pose for pictures with us ;)

Davey was looking up at one of the huge giraffes when all of a sudden he swooped his head way low to check Davey out.  I tried to lift David up quick so they could be face to face, but the giraffe was too quick and stood right back up.

I love having a little boy.

Clara was so excited to see her cousin Atika Saturday at Great-Grandma's!

Isaac and Davey playing catch.



Davey and Isaac

Zachy running back and forth through the ditch with Davey.  D couldn't stop laughing!

Zachary and his buddies

Atika performed half a dozen songs for us.  Great-Grandma kept saying, "we have a singer in the family." :)

wearing mommy's sunglasses on the way home

passed out from playing outside all afternoon :)

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