Monday, March 2, 2015

Life Lately: Games & Bowling

Amelia, Will and baby Riggs came to play on Monday! :)

dancing to the music

dress up time, of course :)
Clara always wants to wear her Cinderella dress.

big baby Will holding baby Riggs

My favorite family portrait to date!  I love kid art!  Clara said she and I are swinging Davey. :)

painting time (not my favorite because it's such a mess but I can suck it up every now and then;)

ballet beauties

I was using my iPhone to take pictures so this is blurry, but tiny girls twirling is about the cutest thing ever!

Clara can play with play doh for hours!

We played lots of games this week including Go Fish!  Love it!

We took the kids bowling on Sunday after church.  We had a great time!

"I did it!"

Clara got a strike!

my music lover

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