Thursday, March 12, 2015

Life Lately

Clara before ballet practice this past week.  She always insists on wearing a sweater. :)

Clara having fun with her lunch.  She ate it, too. ;)

Davey was all business.  There was no messing around.  He was hungry!

Last Wednesday morning Davey and I crawled back into bed and read lots of books.  He'd go get 3 or 4 at a time for me to read to him.  Reading books to littles is so precious.  I love those moments.

The next day Davey asked me, "Should we play hide and seek?"  I love how he phrases things.  He often says to Michael when he gets home from work, "Should we tackle?" :)  Anyway, he was just cracking up every time I found him so I finally grabbed my camera to capture all the cuteness.

my favorite of his hiding spots hahaha

Later on Thursday Clara and I got to babysit baby Riggs!  Clara was such a good helper.

He was hamming it up for us!

So cute!

Feeding her 1st real baby a bottle. :)

Friday morning the Bakkers and the Fedders came over to play!  Love getting together with those mamas and their cute kiddos!

my adorable shaggy-haired-backwards-baseball-cap boy

Clara & Stella

Skyforce game double date with Billy & Heather!

Zachary spent the night Friday and we had a fun Saturday together.  We ate at The Original Pancake House, went to Kidtopia, played games...  After he left I was kicking myself because I realized I didn't take one picture while he was here.  Then I found this picture on my phone... hahaha Love my littlest brother!

sweet 2nd cousins Aleigha and Clara at Great Grandma's

2nd cousins Joshy and Davey :)

We all love visiting Great-Grandma!  Clara said earlier last week before we went, "I really love Great-Grandma."  Me too, sweet girl!

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