Friday, April 3, 2015

Life Lately

Clara and Davey have always loved playing in the laundry basket.  It's a great place to pretend.

For example, here they are driving the car. ;)

Saturday we went to Kidtopia for their Easter egg hunt.  The eggs all had numbers in them that the kids got to redeem for prizes.  They had super good prizes considering this was a massive egg hunt open to the public.  We will definitely go again next year if they have it again.

Every time we've been to this toy store Clara spends all her time playing with this Calico Critters house. :)

coloring their puzzles they got as one of their prizes

Clara's on top, David's on bottom

Clara also got a little puppy she named Sparkles.  It came with a little purse to carry her around in.  Sparkles has rarely left her side since she got her.  Watch out, Ducky! ;)

Davey got a cardboard fire truck set.

Clara has been working on this mosaic all week.  It was great for practicing her number recognition.

We've also been outside about every day this week.  Some days have been beautiful and warm, others windy, but we've had fun either way.

This was the most gorgeous day this week.  We were out playing in the morning so it was still a little cool, hence the sweaters.

My little rock climbers.  And yes, they are wearing their snow boots!  We had yet to buy them play shoes this spring that fit but have since so now we're ready for all the playing!

This day was super windy so we hung out close to our apartment to block the wind and did sidewalk chalk.

That's all for pictures lately.  Not a whole lot has been going on.  We're excited to celebrate Easter this weekend!  Michael's parents and sister are coming to visit.  We're going to do the Resurrection Eggs with the kids this evening.  Then tomorrow we're giving them their Easter baskets, decorating eggs and doing an egg hunt.  Then church and family time on Sunday!  We're so thankful for the good news of Jesus!

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