Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Parks, Parties & Pizza

We went on an "adventure" and checked out a new park after the chiropractor last Monday.  When I was putting Davey down for a nap later that day he sleepily said, "I want to go on another adventure." :)  

We did more playing at our apartment park on Tuesday.

My friend Brenda passed some clothes down to Davey and even though he LOVES super heroes he didn't want to wear these pajamas.  Well, Clara got ahold of them and wore them for 5 days straight whenever we were at home.  She asked for them the next day too but I had finally put them in the laundry.  I think she's forgotten about them for now. haha

I had a mild case of pink eye last week, so my sweet friend Melissa swooped in (as usual - she is too good to us!) and made sure we were set on vitamins and essential oils to keep the kiddos from getting it and help get me better.  One thing she suggested was rubbing the kids feet with a drop of oregano mixed with coconut oil before bed.  They looooved it!

more park time on Friday

Davey taking a turn on the neighbor's Mater trike

auntie Jenna came to hang out with us for a few days :)

We celebrated Geneva's 30th birthday at Grille 26 Friday night.  I had the best time talking and laughing with these wonderful ladies.

Jenna and I had a sister date Saturday afternoon.  We went to Barnes & Noble and went to see the movie Black or White.  So fun!  Love you Jenna!

I scored two princess books for Clara out of the clearance bin at Barnes & Noble.

These two were having fun on the other couch while Clara and I were checking out her new books.

Clara made this during Sunday school this week. :)  I love hearing about what she did and learned during this time.  She's always so excited about it.

We made cauliflower crust pizza for the first time on Sunday!  We all loved it!  Check out the recipe we found HERE.  As we were starting to make the crust Clara said, "let's get doughing!" :)

my sweet little baker watching the crust bake

Success!  And so so good!

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