Sunday, April 26, 2015

Outdoor Campus and Celebrating Friends

"Q is for Quail" at the Outdoor Campus Wednesday!  Clara, David & Amelia love these classes so much.  The staff there does such a great job and it's free!  Can't beat that.

making their quails

playing house :)

puppet show

The kids decided to go camping.  Amelia snuggled right in the sleeping bag and closed her eyes. ;)

I started working from home this past week, so we created this tiny office for me in the corner of our bedroom.  Well, Davey loves his mama and for the past few weeks hasn't liked it if I'm out of his sight.  Like, I literally can't go into the next room to grab something without him wanting to come with or asking where I'm going.  It's pretty sweet but a bit of a handful.  So anyway, here he is on the literally 4 square feet of open space that I have in my "office" hanging out while I work.

Saturday we took the kids on an adventure hiking the trails behind the outdoor campus.  We had so much fun exploring.  Clara loved picking the wildflowers.

Of course Davey found a stick immediately to carry on the hike.


my little tree climber

Clara wanted to check out every little trail off the main trail.

We got to see FOUR deer!

There were so many cool natural shelters from hallowed out trunks.

Of course we had to hit the park afterwards.

Saturday night we helped surprise Brandi and celebrated her 30th birthday!  I've been friends with these ladies since grade school.  Brandi, Jessica and I were all in the same kindergarten class. :)

We had a life group girls shower for Cherish and baby boy Fedders this evening. :)  There is not much I enjoy more than talking and laughing with these wonderful friends!

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