Sunday, April 12, 2015

Life Lately

Tuesday night at life group sweet Emily had the kids putting on a play!  How adorable and fun!

my cute little dragon

Thursday I went to go open Clara's curtains to let some light in and found her behind them playing with her snowflake window press ons and watching the rain. :)

Love this sweet girl!  I would love if our someday house had a window seat in her room!

Keira and adorable Parker spent the day with us on Thursday! :)  So wish they lived closer so we could do this all the time!

Friday morning Clara and David sat there and played with their farm house and animals for a solid two hours.  That is the best!

Loved our ladies night out at Grille 26 Friday!  Love my sweet, beautiful, life long friends!

Saturday we went to the CSA Fair at the coop my talented sister-in-law Gabby organized and put on!

These two are pretty much inseparable!  Busy boys!

checking out the different stands

After the fair we got groceries and this poor guy was sleep-eating his donut since we missed naps that day!

sporting their coop tattoos

Riding their horsey today.  Clara's wearing Davey's Superman jammies a friend passed down to him. :)

Rain + sidewalk chalk = THIS :)  She was saying, "I'm pinkie pie!"  Whatever that means. ;)  Needless to say the kiddos had baths tonight!

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  1. I learned this morning that there is a My Little Pony episode about pinkie pies. So there you have it! :)