Sunday, May 17, 2015

Little Friends & Rainy Days

Sam & Stella came to play on Tuesday. :)  What a crew!  Love them.

We made play doh which is always a hit.

The girls wanted to play dress up.

Cinderella blue is Stella's color! ;)

It's been super windy and often rainy this week so we entertained ourselves inside a lot.  I made Davey a color coded parking lot for his cars.  I just put scotch tape down and used colored pencils to mark the spaces and label them each a different color on the tape.

He loves it!

We did a poker chip toss.

Every time Davey made one he'd say "I did it!" with a big smile. :)

Davey raced his cars down the stairs.

Clara likes the parking lot too and had me make special parking spots for Lightning McQueen, Mater and Mack on the next windowsill.

They dressed up as Mickey and Minnie, watched Minnierella and danced.


Having a front row seat to their love story is one of my favorite things.

I found my princess passed out about 5 pm one night.

Michael and I went on a date Friday and had the best time.  We went to Bracco's for supper and then went dancing.  We took waltz and rumba classes and then stayed for the open dance.  This is seriously bucket list stuff here.  I have been wanting to take ballroom dancing classes forever.  We will definitely be going again.  Thanks again to our amazing friends Melissa and Josiah for taking care of our kiddos.

Cali came over Saturday. :)  She is soooo cute and such a sweetie.

Cali is ready to open up an ice cream shop!  She pretended to eat each one of her creations.

The chefs cooking it up.

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