Monday, May 4, 2015

Baby Shower & Twins Game

We played and played outside every day this past week.  Ahhh, welcome beautiful spring!

We've been getting to know a lot of the neighbor kids.  They are always up for some hide and seek or freeze tag. :)

We had supper outside two days this past week.  It was glorious.

Road trip!  On our way to the cities for my cousin Emily's baby shower and a Twins vs. White Sox game with my brother and sister-in-law.

Ready for the baby shower with my girl!

Loved the decorations. :)

The beautiful mama-to-be herself.  Love you Emily!

These three are just about as cute as they come.  Clara loved playing with her second cousins Mackenzie and Vivian.

Love the Knewtson's!

My boy had lots of fun playing outside and with all the toys as well.

popsicles :)

Dance party!  These girls have some serious moves. ;)

We went swimming at our hotel Saturday night.

We walked to the game Sunday and had to check out the Candyland store as we walked by.

We had our picture taken with Tony Oliva!  He was super sweet and called Davey a ball player. :)  He wanted Clara to sit on his lap too, but poor Clara...  She was so upset here because she is terrified of mascots, etc. when people are dressed up in costumes.  There were some weird looking monster-like cartoon guys walking around right behind the photographer and she wanted to get as far away from them as possible!

Here's Tony Oliva back in the day when he played for the Twins from 1962-1976, his whole impressive career.  This makes me think of my Grandpa Bisson.  He loved watching the Twins play and I'm sure he was a fan of Mr. Oliva.

pictures with the golden glove

They loved the Twins Mickey statue!

And just for fun, here's Clara at her first Twins game on September 6, 2011.  Can't believe it's been that long since we've been to a game, and now we are going to two this year.  Michael is a happy camper.

Billy got a couple White Sox guys to sign his bat.  Here he is with their first base coach Daryl Boston. :)

We got to see Plouffe hit his career first grand slam!

our first Twins game together :)

We had 2nd row seats near 3rd base which was great but the sun was hot!  We brought the kids up to the shade to give them a break from the sun and they both passed out. :)

They put Davey up on the big screen smiling and waving. :)  It was so cute!  I had him reenact it for me so I could get some pictures. :)  He was so sweaty!  Clara was still sleeping at this point.

Walking back to our car.  What a great trip!

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