Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Bisson Christmas & The Nutcracker

Ready to head to Jasper, MN December 5th for something I look forward to all year long... the Bisson Christmas!  I love getting together with my big, extended family.

The craft tables were brilliant and the kiddos loved them.

Aunt Maurine telling the kids a story.

To go along with the story, she gave them sticks that have a natural star in the end of the branches.

Love these little ladies!

Davey loves trying to keep up with the "big" boys.

Love my Grandma!

The littles gathered around Grandma and sang Christmas songs.  She was so tired this day but you can tell she is enjoying listening to them.

getting pulled down the big ramp by big cousins in so fun!

Michael and I were the preschool leaders at church that week.  How sweet are these girls?!

the kiddos watching a movie during life group

Clara and I went to Moscow Ballet's Great Russian Nutcracker December 9th and had the best time.  

We went to dance class on the way to The Nutcracker.  Clara has the dark pink sweater on.

We could not have enjoyed our time together more.  I'm not sure what was more fun- watching the ballet or watching Clara watch the ballet.  She was so into it and about burst with anticipation as we waited for it to start.

I downloaded this picture from the internet, but this was my favorite part.  So beautiful!

This was the first Nutcracker we brought Clara to 4 years prior when she was only 11 months old.  We had front row seats and she bounced along to the music the whole time.  Precious baby girl.

morning snuggles

Clara's coloring contest entry :)

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