Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Avery Sky + Middle of November

Our sweet niece Avery Sky was born on my Grandpa Bisson's 100th birthday!  I love that so much!  We went to meet her at the hospital the next day. :)

Davey & Avery

They adore their newest cousin!

Clara & Avery :)

Love these two together.  Mama Gabby just overflows with love for her baby girl.

So happy for my brother Benjamin!

The next day Clara got to dissect owl pellets at Classical Conversations.  She was really into it and wanted to bring her bones home to show Daddy.

Costco run.  Seriously, who would have room for one of these?!

Michael took each kiddo on a date on Veterans' Day and they helped him take advantage of his free meals.  The boys ate at Applebees.

Then Michael took Clara out for supper.  I love these pictures of them!  I also love that Michael is setting high standards for Clara and how a man should treat her. :)

They ate at Buffalo Wild Wings.

These two.  They are chanting, "we're Daddy, we're Daddy" here wearing his shirt and hats. :)

We went to a movie night at a local church and saw Inside Out.

Our buddy Will turned 2 and we loved helping him celebrate!

Ella, Clara, Michaela & Amelia :)

My kiddos loved the construction theme.

This picture cracks me up!  Will was too busy with his new toys, but Davey... hahaha!

Our church had a special Harvest Sunday and the kiddos performed a song.  I LOVE watching Clara up on stage.  It's beyond adorable.

crafts at Classical Conversations

Clara giving her demonstration presentation.  She taught her classmates how to make a thankfulness flower.  Each kiddo colored a few petals and then she gave the flower to their sweet teacher.

Clara's class

The kiddos sang Grandma Ellingson a happy birthday message. <3

The Bartz family came over for a play date.  Love them!

The Tickle Monster!!! ;)

I wish there wasn't so much reflection on the windows, but I LOVE watching this little dolly at dance practice.

morning cuddles

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