Monday, February 8, 2016

Thanksgiving, Tree Decorating & 20 Weeks

celebrating Thanksgiving with our life group :)

Uncle Michael and Haddie Jo
We got together with my family the evening before Thanksgiving when everyone could be there.  

two peas in a pod :)

Gabby & Avery

I mean... could she be any more precious?!

Thanksgiving morning we have a tradition of cinnamon rolls and the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade.  It just makes me happy. :)

The kids were so excited to decorate our trees.  We got them each their own little tree to have in their rooms this year.

We hadn't had a chance to get mini tree decorations yet so we started with the lights.

I snapped these pictures of their trees right before we took them down.

Davey and Clara colored turkeys. :)

A picture of my Thanksgiving banner before I took it down to put up Christmas decorations.  We live in an apartment right now so we haven't wanted to invest in window blinds and curtains for our windows in the living room (especially since we have no neighbors in that direction).  I can't wait till we are settled into a house someday and can make it our own.

Decorating our Christmas tree <3

Adorable.  We pretty much let the kiddos decorate the tree and the only ornaments I moved to the top of the tree were the sentimental/fragile ones.


I snagged these pictures of Clara from Michael's phone.  She got herself dressed and was trying on her headbands. :)  My little princess really started getting into changing outfits multiple times a day a few months ago. #cleanclotheseverywhere

Michael made the kids a fort out of an old washer box we had in the garage.  Hours of fun! :)

20 weeks with baby #3

How sweet is that little profile?!  We were so excited for our 20 week ultrasound to see baby and find out if our kiddos were going to have a brother or a sister.  I knew I was going to be thrilled either way, but I also knew I'd be a little sad either way only because I really want Clara to have a sister and David to have a brother.

thumbs up :)

This is going to sound so funny, but Michael and I both agree that little leg and booty look just like Clara. :)

AWW!!!!  We're having a GIRL! :)

Oh my goodness, she is so precious.  I love how she has her little hands folded together up against her sweet little face.

We decided to tell the kids by getting pink balloons and putting them in a box for them to open.  I was a little nervous for how Davey was going to take the news.  He had been pretty adamant that he wanted a brother and that he should be named Baseball Guy. :)  Clara would sometimes say she wanted a sister, but would usually just echo us and say she wanted whatever God gave us.  When I'd ask her if she thought baby was a boy or a girl she would say, "It's kind of hard to tell." ;)

Davey's initial reaction was excited as he saw balloons pop out of the box...

But that quickly turned into devastation as he realized what color the balloons were.  I am not kidding, he started SOBBING this genuine heartbroken sob.  "I wanted a brother," he said as he cried.  It was really sweet and heartbreaking at the same time.

Meanwhile, look at how excited my sweet Clara is that she's going to have a sister. <3  We were all trying to comfort David and Clara reminded him, "Daddy's a boy." :)

We called the grandparents that evening to tell them the news.  In her sweet little voice, Clara told Grandma Ellingson, "I'm going to have a baby sister!"  And then Davey said, "And Grandma, I'm not going to have a brother." :)  Poor boy.  I hope he gets to have a brother someday, but he mostly got over the news pretty quickly and is very excited for baby to be born.  He's always saying he wants to "save some for the baby" whenever he's eating or drinking something. :)  And he now wants to name her Baseball GIRL. :)  Clara's favorites are Violet and Ariel (inspired from The Little Mermaid).

Clara had been begging me to let her sew something, so I let her pick a little piece of fabric from Hobby Lobby and we made her a purse. :)

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