Monday, February 15, 2016

Clara's 5th Rainbow Birthday Party

Clara wanted a RAINBOW themed 5th birthday party, so that's what she got!  It was a lot of fun to plan and she had the best time at her party!  We celebrated her big day on December 12th.  Lots of friends and family came to help us celebrate and love on Clara so that made her day extra special.

We used our community room again which works so well (except for when you lock yourself out right before the party trying to snap a photo of the entrance!  It added a little crazy excitement to the morning but management came to the rescue before any guests arrived.)

Michael and I created a photo booth out of tablecloths and tulle. :)

Clara's favorite thing right now is crafting so I set up a craft table.

I love how her paper fans turned out.  We transferred them to the wall in Clara's room after the party. :)

The kiddos colored rainbows...

and made rainbow colored bead necklaces.


highlights of my sweet girl's first 5 years

We had her party in the morning so we had rainbow sprinkle donuts, rainbow fruit, OJ and coffee.

"Somewhere over the rainbow..." <3
And Clara requested that we incorporate Rainbow Dash in the decorations. :)

donut "cake"

Clara's rainbow piñata 

We are ready to party!  I made Clara a rainbow glitter tulle skirt and she looked adorable!

coloring and crafting it up with her friends!

my beautiful birthday girl

Emily, Grandma & Grandpa Ellingson

I couldn't love being her mama more!

Clara and her best girlfriends Celia, Amelia and Ainsley.  They are all so adorable!

most of the kiddos at the party :)

Happy 5th birthday to my sweet Clara Grace!

Grandma Ann & Avery

these two LOVE donuts something fierce

the Dockters :)

Cali & Melissa :)

the Lexens :)

Grandma Ann :)

the Murrays :)

uncles Jordan and Zachary :)

the Van Beeks :)

uncle & auntie Ben and Gabby & cousins Isaac & Avery

the Pluims

ready for the piñata!

Isaac got it open!

birthday girl with her goodies

Clara and her gifts (notice Davey getting a head start opening them!  Little brothers... :))

letting Davey help

letting Amelia help :)

Clara with her baby girl cousins and aunties

Clara had so much fun at her party!

Love these two so much!

she loves her daddy

playing puppy while we cleaned up :)

Thanks so much to everyone that came out to help celebrate our Clara!  Love you all!

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