Sunday, January 19, 2014

Clara 9-12 months

There are so many good memories from Clara's first Fall… Apple and Pumpkin Festivals, Thanksgiving, The Nutcracker Ballet, and her 1st birthday!

Apple Festival at The Country Apple Orchard - picking her first apple

9 months old

We would always sing, "dancing, dancing, dancing" and dance around with her.  She LOVED it!

This picture makes me smile.  Daddy holding Clara up so she could get a peek of the giraffe.

4 generations

I just love these two.

Look who's walking behind her activity walker!

Pumpkin Festival

1st pony ride

10 months

Clara loved puppies at this age.  She still does, but she was really into them then.  She would love to see them when we were out on walks so it was a big treat when we spent the day with my childhood best friend Jessie and her parent's dog Katie and Jessie's dog Angus.  This is Katie.

uncle sandwich

at Zachary's 2nd grade Halloween party

Taking a few steps to me.  Clara took her first steps October 19, 2011.  She was 10 months and 4 days old.

Love this picture of her peeking out the window.


Mommy's 27th birthday

with her uncles Jacob & Zachary

visiting one of my closest friends Jessica, her hubby Nick and new baby Amelia Mae

fun with uncle Zach

11 months

look at those cute teeth

1st Thanksgiving

My cousin Laura gave me the idea to take a picture of each of my babies with the turkey on their first Thanksgiving.  Clara wasn't too into sitting by a hot turkey.

Parade of Lights - Clara loved this except for when the hot air balloon fire bursts would periodically come by.  They were loud and startling but warm which felt great on that chilly evening.

We got front row seats to The Nutcracker Ballet and Clara LOVED it.  She was mesmerized and danced along on my lap the entire performance.  I am hoping to make this an annual tradition with her.

helping decorate the Christmas tree

Once in awhile I call Clara "Gus Gus" (from Cinderella) because she always tries to carry more than she can (like when Gus Gus tries to carry too much corn in the movie). :)

1 year pictures

sitting in the popcorn bowl

Clara's first birthday - I took her to the Butterfly House while Daddy was at work.  She loved it.

with our one year old

Bisson family Christmas party - Jacob & Zachary with their niece and nephew

Clara ready to party

trying her first cupcake

Grandma & Grandpa Ellingson

Grandma Ann

It was such a fun day!

Well that was my sweet girl's first year.  It was the best year of mine and Michael's life.  We are so blessed for all of the love and joy Clara brings to our home!  We love you sweet girl!

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