Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Davey 10-12 months, Clara 2 years

These pictures are from the last half of this past summer and into the beginning of fall (mid-July till mid-September).  The pictures end the day before Davey's 1st birthday.  Some highlights from these pictures include my little brothers Jacob and Zachary coming to stay with us for a week and a half as well as a trip to the Country Apple Orchard in Harrisburg.

Davey 10 months old

s'mores by the bonfire

Someone thought he was a little bigger than he actually was.  Barely 10 months old and already climbing.

Clara loved riding her mini tricycle around last summer.

My love and I at my cousin John's wedding.  This was our first night away from Davey and only our second away from Clara.

Zachary and Clara doing a science experiment :)

fun in the sun at the pool

uncle Jake

I have a similar picture of Zachary pushing Clara around in the laundry basket when she was this age.  Such a fun and sweet big, little uncle.

the whole crew mini golfing

baby boy joy

Daddy took Clara for her first go cart ride and raced Jake and Zach.  She kept telling him she wanted to go fast.

Clara helping pick beans from our garden for supper.  She LOVED doing this.  We had beans, tomatoes, peas and cucumbers.  Our carrots didn't really make it.

fishing at Wylie Lake

Davey showing off his walking skills.  He took his first steps on his own a few days before he turned 10 months.

at Storybook Land

Painting!  Does any other parent cringe just a little on the inside when your little one asks you to paint? ;)  It's just so messy and needs constant supervision.  The mess part hasn't actually been that bad since Michael's parents got Clara a smock.

Clara's first ride on the tube behind the boat at Roy Lake.  She was a little nervous but enjoyed it.

Clara and uncle Robert watching Daddy ride the tube

Davey driving the boat! :)  That's me on the tube!  I was in good hands. :)

Grandpa's birthday!

Clara admiring Grandma's beautiful garden

They love to play in the sandbox.

Clara set up a "train" in her room.  Such imagination!

big sister, little brother <3

Brown County Fair - Clara riding the roller coaster

Davey loving the carousel

Clara riding the pony

11 months old

My 10 year high school reunion I helped plan.  Note to self:  don't volunteer for that again!  No, it turned out nice.  It was just a lot of work.  Love these ladies - Brandi, Keira, Jessica & Rose

We were all cheerleaders in high school. - Roxie, Jessica, Brandi, me and Keira

my hot date for the evening

my sweet girl and me at my best friend Keira's baby shower

the glowing mama

out for a stroll with my cute loves

ice cream cone with sprinkles… She was in heaven.

Davey's 1st drawing

so funny they both fit in the sink for a little soak

Clara at the Tuthill garden after my cousin Kenny's wedding

Davey loved visiting the Chase family.  Mary is a second mom to me and I love her dearly!  She makes a pretty darling Grandma, hey? :)

Country Apple Orchard for Apple Festival

Davey's first pony ride


the leaves kept tickling him as he reached for apples

So much fun!!

I love this picture!!  This is in the basement of my Grandma Bisson's house.  Clara is jumping on the same little trampoline I jumped on when I was her age.

She takes her mommy responsibilities very seriously with baby Ducky.

ready for our nature walk


We loved having Daddy come home for lunch every day!  One of the perks of living in a small town close to work.

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