Thursday, November 3, 2016

Emma's First Food + Abigail's Birthday Party

Emma turned 6 months on October 18th, so that following Sunday we gave her food for the first time.  She seemed to love her avocado and the whole experience.

She's a yummy one.

Afterwards Emma needed a bath and the "big" ones wanted to join her.  They were singing "row, row, row your boat" to her. <3

early morning fort fun

Emma is still the star of the show around here.  Both Clara and Davey want to hold her right away in the morning every day and often throughout the day.

She is just too precious for words.

my beautiful girls

Clara is loving ballet and hip hop class this fall!  (She's in the light pink.)

We had a great time celebrating our friend Abigail at her surprise party!

Love her!

Justin, Abigail and Michael all have the same birthday!

Emma & Cora were born just a few weeks apart. :)

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