Sunday, November 6, 2016

Harvest at the Gate

Our SUPER family was all ready for a local church's Harvest Festival on October 31st.  Harvest Festivals are our jam on Halloween.  We don't want any part of the creepy/scary stuff, but a costume party with games, food, a photo booth, a train, petting zoo, fire pits, and treats is always fun.

They had the cutest photo booth set up.  You know mama loves me a good photo op, especially when we're all costumed up!

The world's cutest superbaby!

Captain America was the perfect costume for my adventure loving boy. :)

We got right into the games!

I love my sweet, little supergirl!

The cake walk!  This brings back memories of these types of carnivals when I was a kid.

Davey's best buddy Brecken was Captain America as well!  Two years ago they were both Mickey Mouse.  Great minds...  They are two peas in a pod.

Clara wanted Daddy to help her fly. :)

I love doing life with this man.

Emma was a little angel the whole evening.

Clara wanted me to ride the train with them. :)

Our good friend Jim was manning one of the booths!

We had a fun night!  This was such a great event!

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