Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Well hello, November.

The Sunday before last Michael and I were the preschool leaders at church and we had fun with all the precious little ones.

Sweet Emma Joy was talking to her butterfly friend. ;)  That butterfly was actually Clara's special little baby toy.

This sweet kindergartner graphed our apples. :)  And she did it superhero style.  #supergirl

Emma loves this little puppy Grandpa Pike got her.

Ainsley spent the afternoon with us this past Wednesday and the girls had so much fun together.  They are such sweet friends.

The ballerinas were all ready for dance class. <3

This sweet angel baby loves her milky.  All the heart eyes for those hand dimples!  

Clara and I made a tree with the fruit of the spirit last week. :)  I am loving the My Father's World kindergarten curriculum.

I love when she rests her little hand on my arm.  I can't get enough of her, as if that's not obvious!

Bedtime stories with Daddy are the best! :)

I'm looking forward to all that November has in store for us!

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