Friday, February 3, 2017

Butterfly House and Little Friends

January 22nd Clara, Emma and I went to a Girl Scout event at the Sertoma Butterfly House and Marine Cove.  I don't think we'd been there since Clara's fourth birthday over two years ago.  Clara was pretty fascinated with the marine cove area.  The Girl Scouts each had a field guide with areas to draw pictures and take notes.  Clara took this super seriously and drew pictures of the marine life and butterflies as we went around checking everything out. 😊

Can you imagine what Emma is thinking here? Ha!

She smiled big though when she saw her mama. #mamasgirl

Clara loved seeing the "Nemos" and "Dorys."

my beautiful girls inside the butterfly atrium

Sleeping beauty.  Emma has been pulling herself up on everything and got her first big bonk on the table leg, hence the forehead bruise.

We had supper and the kids played at the Murray's, along with the Davids, last Thursday.  Love these friends so much!

They were all being silly of course.

My baby loves feeling like a big girl.  She's just a newborn to me though.

Emma has been sitting back on her knees like this a lot.  She's constantly on the move!

Michael and I went to his company Christmas party on Saturday evening.  This was our first time out alone together since Emma was born!  Thanks to my mom and brother Zachary for taking care of our little loves.

Michael won one of the big prizes!!  Wahoo!!!  The limo and dinner will the so lovely!  I love musical theater, but I'm not sure The Book of Mormon is one I would have purchased tickets for...  (Not that I'm complaining for winning this date!)  Has anyone seen it?

Magnatiles are always a favorite at our home.  I would highly recommend them if you have kiddos!

My adorable little Girl Scout and her troop filled bags they decorated themselves with snacks for the residence at a local assisted living home on Sunday.  Cookies go on sale today!  It's going to be so cute watching my sweet girl sell cookies.  I mean, who could say no to that sweet face?!

Cali and Cohen came to play on Sunday.  They are both the SWEETEST!

watching A Bee Movie after playing for a couple hours


Emma looking like such a big girl in her outfit from uncle Benj and aunt Gabby 😊

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