Thursday, February 2, 2017

Museum, 9 Months, Cousins and Girl Time

Clara has been loving her pottery wheel she got from aunt Gabby, uncle Benjamin, and cousins Isaac and Avery for her birthday.  She made the bowl on the left for me and the one on the right for her daddy. πŸ’•

January 17th we met our Little Explorers kiddo and mama group at the Museum of Visual Materials for a fun morning of painting and playing.

These four sweeties were all due in April, although Levi was born in March and Cora in May.  They were all born in due date order though!

The painting supplies and set up was fantastic!

I'm so impressed with both of their paintings.  Clara's is the top and Davey's is the bottom.  Love.

We were learning about dinosaurs in kindergarten a few weeks ago and Clara molded this dino out of clay all by herself. 😊  I've LOVED watching her learn this year.

Emma Joy turned 9 months on January 18th!  And what a joy and a blessing she is.

Billy, Heather and Haddie came over for supper recently.  Haddie is 15 months now and oh so adorable.  And she LOVES Emma.  She wanted to just love her all up and keep her for her own baby I think.

My little helper loves to help me bake.  We were making pumpkin spice muffins with almond and coconut flour here.  They're devine!  We got the recipe from this Against All Grain cookbook.

Clara and I signed up for a Girl Scouts event at the Sertoma Butterfly House and Marine Cove two weekends ago, so we got there Saturday... a whole DAY early apparently!  So we decided to go to Barnes and Noble for the afternoon instead.  Clara picked out a whole stack of books and we read them cuddled up in a comfy chair.

I let Clara get a treat since we were having special girl time.  I could not love this sweet little heart more.πŸ’œ

We stopped by my friend Cherish's for a wrapping lesson on the way home.  Emma's first time up on my back! 😊

Meanwhile the boys were at home building all the lego vehicles. 😊

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