Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Show and Tell Tuesday: Your Loves

Happy Valentine's Day!!!  Whether you are in a romantic relationship or not, I hope and pray that you know how loved you are today!

Today I'm linking up with Andrea for Show and Tell Tuesday and we're reintroducing our loves!  I have four precious loves of my life and they each have my whole heart.

I met Michael Ellingson at church 13 years ago... and now we've been married for 10 years!  He grew up in small town Britton, South Dakota and is the oldest of four kids.  He was in just about every activity in high school - swimming, baseball, football, basketball, track, cross country, all state choir, jazz choir, theater...  Seriously everything!  He earned an associates degree in Graphic Design after high school, but decided not to pursue a career in that field.  He'd always wanted to join the army and did so while we were dating.  This wasn't my favorite choice, but I was already in love with him, so what was a girl to do? 😉  We got married soon after he finished his Basic and AIT training and had gotten stationed in Ft. Hood, Texas.  He served active duty for 4 1/2 years and spent 27 of those long months deployed to Iraq.  After being honorably discharged from active duty, he served another two years in the Minnesota National Guard.  He went back to school with his GI Bill for a bachelor's degree in Computer and Network Security and is working as a Systems Engineer to this day. 

Michael's faith in Jesus is first and foremost where he gets his identity from.  Michael is my very best friend and he is an incredible husband.  He loves me so well.  He's sweet, funny, loving, hard working, disciplined, and obviously handsome. 😍  He's quick to show me grace, even tempered, and the calm to my crazy.  Michael is an excellent cook and dish washer as well!  I know, I'm lucky!  But my most favorite thing about my husband is what an amazing daddy he is to our three babies.  He loves spending time with our kids playing, reading, teaching...  And they all three ADORE him!

Michael is a huge Minnesota Twins fan and loves baseball in general.  He's looking forward to playing on our church's softball team this summer.  He's also a lifelong Minnesota Vikings and Minnesota Timberwolves fan as well.  Besides sports, Michael is huge into being outdoors.  He would be super pumped to go spend a few days in the woods by himself and is actually making plans to do so.  He's done a lot of bushcraft research and has quite the collection of outdoor gear.  He loves fishing and camping and really anything to do with being outside in nature.

Clara Grace was born on December 15th, 2010 - she's 6 years old.  This incredibly sweet girl made me a mama and I couldn't love her more.  Clara is so thoughtful, kind, caring and she has the biggest heart.  She is always thinking of others, especially her brother and sister.  She's the best big sister to Davey and Emma and such a little mama to Emma.  She's always looking out for both of them.  Clara is truly such a good helper to me.  She really listens and takes everything to heart.  I love her sweet hugs and kisses.  Her bedtime prayers are so precious.

Clara is in kindergarten and we are homeschooling her.  We are using the My Father's World curriculum and loving it.  She is taking a ballet and hip hop dance class this year and she couldn't love it more.  She is also in a Daisy Girl Scouts troop and is having the best time.  Clara is signed up for swimming lessons this spring and she wants to play T-ball this summer.  She's also been asking to play soccer, but we're going to wait on that till the fall.

Clara could color, paint and craft for hours, and sometimes does.  She loves to sing and dance around.  She especially loves singing Christmas carols and LOVES all things Christmas, just like her mama.  She also likes to help me bake.  She enjoys playing Minecraft with her daddy and brother.  We're looking forward to spring and summer since she loves to play outside, ride her bike and go swimming.

David Michael is 4 years old and his birthday is September 20, 2012.  My sweet boy is so much fun!  Davey is all boy and loves to be loud and rambunctious.  But he can also be very sweet and cuddley.  He gives the best hugs.  He loves to crawl up in my lap with a stack full of books and be read to.  He LOVES silly humor and has a great laugh.  He's a wonderful brother.  He loves playing with Clara and is always wanting to hold Emma and can easily make her smile and laugh. His heartfelt bedtime prayers melt my heart.

We're doing some loose preschool at home, but it's amazing what Davey picks up just being in the room while Clara and I do kindergarten.  He is also signed up for swimming lessons this spring.  He will play T-ball again this summer and also wants to try soccer this fall.

Davey is super into Imaginext superheroes.  He plays with them often throughout each day.  Michael made him a "wrestling ring" out of a small cardboard box and he loves having the superheroes and villains face off.  He also really likes playing Minecraft with Clara and Daddy.  Magnatiles are another favorite toy of his.  He too loves playing outside and has been asking repeatedly when the pool is going to open.  (There's still snow on the ground here. 😉)

Emma Joy will be 10 months old already on Saturday.  She was born on April 18, 2016.  This precious baby girl is such a JOY and a blessing to our family.  We can't get enough of her.  She is just so sweet.  She loves watching Clara and Davey and sometimes wants to be right in the action with them.  Other times she'd prefer just to stay snuggled up with Mama or Dada.

Emma is constantly smiling and often waving.  She can say, "hi," "mama," and "dada."  Her hi sounds like she's a little southern belle... ha-ah.  She says it completely within context though and is often waving at the time.  She stays very busy exploring and "getting" everything she can.  Emma crawls around pretty quickly these days and pulls herself up on everything.  Just yesterday she pulled herself up on the recliner and then let go and stood by herself for about 5 seconds.  She got to go swimming for the first time this past weekend at a hotel and she LOVED it.  This summer is going to be so much fun with her!

Oh how I love my Loves!  Have a wonderful day everyone!