Saturday, June 17, 2017

Mark & Sandra's 40th Anniversary

We went up to Britton the last weekend in May to spend time with Michael's side of our family.  We had been planning on going that weekend to celebrate his parents' 40th anniversary anyway, but then Michael's sweet grandpa passed away the Monday before.  We celebrated his life with family that Saturday before the anniversary party.

I love this photo of Grandpa Kann so much!  It was lucky timing to get to capture such a genuine, candid moment greeting him because I don't think posing for pictures was his favorite thing to do. ;)  He was kind, steady, and hard working.  He will be greatly missed.

On the road to Grandpa and Grandma's house!

Clara and Davey loved getting to play with their cousin Erik.

40 years!

Emily did such a nice job with the party decorations!

Clara had lots of fun with cousin Maggie!

Baby Lincoln is the cuddliest!

Kann siblings

Davey and Wolf cruisin' on the bikes

Such a fun surprise that all the Ellingsons were able to make the party!

the sweetest 6-year-olds Annalea, Clara & Maggie

Ellingson siblings

Clara and Davey loved getting to play with their cousins!

We went out to Grandpa and uncle Robert's farm Saturday evening.  

We couldn't help but think of Grandpa seeing the double rainbow.

Davey loved getting to drive the ranger.

Our first bonfire of the summer!

Great aunt Jane brought the kiddos all gifts!  So sweet!  They love the bubble guns!

The school playground is pretty great!

Davey requested we get a zipline in our backyard someday. :)

Emma and Great-grandma Kann had a good visit! :)

Hitting the park one more time!


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