Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Mother's Day

The kids and I rode our bikes to the park on this morning!

My boy could swing all day.

sisters 💕

We celebrated my brother Billy's birthday May 9th with grilling and a Twins/White Sox game.

We love Haddie Jo!

Mother's Day 2017 before church

And just one year ago on Mother's Day when Emma was just a few weeks old. 💜

We were taking a picture outside that afternoon when...

one of my favorite friends Jess stopped by with a Mother's Day gift for me!  Seriously so sweet and thoughtful!!

We opened Emma's new water table she got for her birthday from Grandma Ann and spent the afternoon having fun in the sun!

She loves splashing!

warming up

Emma was doing the bear crawl through the grass like Davey used to when he was a baby.

my handsome hubby and his girls

I loved getting to celebrate my sweet friend Katie's baby with these lovely ladies!

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