Friday, June 2, 2017

April Randoms

I'm a bit behind on posting pictures lately.  These are all from every day little moments in April.  I love this time with my sweet babes.

This little one became a climber and she's only gotten more daring since!  We're definitely in the keeping-her-alive stage!

Clara and Davey continued to enjoy swimming lessons!  If I could re-do it I would have put them in a harder level.  Next time I think we'll skip a level to challenge them more and teach them to really swim!

Finally caught that sweet little wave.  Several times during the 8 weeks of lessons he'd spot us and give us a wave.  Precious boy.


Clara had dance pictures for her ballet and hip hop combo class.

She's loved being in the same class as Ainslee these past 2 years.


I always check on my sleeping babes before I go to bed and Clara almost always has a little friend snuggled up next to her.  #pleasestaylittle

The "big" climber at it again!

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