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Clara 12-17 months

The following pictures are from Christmas 2011 till the middle of May 2012.  So that means I am about half way caught up with posting pictures since Clara was born.  I know I keep saying this, but I'm having so much fun looking back through these pictures and I'm so thankful to have them to remind me of wonderful memories and how truly blessed I am.

12 months old

Our crew - Jacob and Zachary are my original babies.

Celebrating Christmas at Grandma Ann's - Clara loved her new pony!

Clara is in puppy heaven when we visit the Klein's.  She loves Tess.

Christmas at Grandpa & Grandma Ellingson's

Clara and her uncle Robert - These two have a special bond.  She just loves him!

4 generations - Sandra's parents, Michael's parents, Clara's parents & Clara :)

We had such a merry Christmas!  How could we not with such a joyful girl?

Christmas stockings from Grandma Ann

at the Butterfly House

Lady and the Daddy

my little ballerina

She loves putting Mommy's necklaces on.

Clara loved playing in the snow and helping build her first snowman.

Swinging at the park in February!

silly girls

Great Grandma Bisson & Clara

Clara & Amelia - They are 10 months apart.  They happened to have the same Mommy Loves Me outfit so of course Amelia's mommy Jessica and I had to take pictures of them together in them… on Valentine's Day.  We love our little Valentines!

Such a sweet dolly.  She's 14 months here.

Michael and I took Clara tubing at Great Bear.  Michael and Clara rode the tube down the big hill several times and she did great.  I had to just be the photographer because I was about 2 months pregnant with Davey at the time.

She discovered her belly button!

Swinging, swinging with sweet aunt Jenna

Love my sweet girl!

Ready to party!  Michael's parents took care of Clara while we went on a date.  It was only our second date since she'd been born, so we were due!

little dancing, singing, climbing performer

petting the pony at the zoo

Clara's and her pal Levi

having fun at the park

Clara insisted on eating her first ice cream cone with a spoon.

This picture is so precious.  She looks much too little to be pushing a stroller around.  She's just a baby herself! ;)

Easter 2012

egg hunt

our little Easter Bunny

Clara and Isaac with their baskets after their egg hunt.  Clara did not waste any time getting into her goodies.

at aunt Gabby's bridal shower

Clara and I with uncle Jacob at his 6th grade presentation of John Wayne.  He did so good!

Clara playing in her new sandbox

Clara had started sleeping with her ducky a little while before this.  Ducky is still her best bud to this day (although not quite so bright yellow)!

at County Fair

Clara in her new swing

Clara and cousin Atika having fun in Clara's tent.

Amelia, Jessica, Brandi, Keira, me & Clara - I just love these sweet friends!

This was a perfect way to start Mother's Day (after obviously getting to sleep in)!  I have the best hubby!

Mother's Day pictures with my girl

kisses for baby

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