Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Clara Grace

I have decided to take these first few posts to summarize the last 3+ years since Michael and I started our adventure into parenthood.  Why?  Because I have a type A, all or nothing personality. ;)  And because it will be nice to have all of our memories in one place.

I had originally intended to make this a brief summary, but once I started looking through all of our pictures it was way too hard to just pick a few!  I still chose less than 1% of our pictures, so I'd say I did pretty good.

Introducing Clara Grace Ellingson...

20 week ultrasound when we found out we were having a GIRL!

with my cute, sweet hubby at 37 weeks

39 4/7 weeks - 2 days before birth

This was minutes after Clara was born at 11:05 pm December 15, 2010, the best moment of my life thus far.  I'll never forget how there were about 10 people in the room and as soon as I started talking to her she looked right up at me.  She recognized my voice!  Thank you God for blessing us with Clara Grace!

getting measured 7 lbs. 3 oz. and 20 in.

Sanford's Cradle Roll announcing her birth

our sweet family of 3

just precious

Grandma & Grandpa Ellingson with their first grand baby

Grandma Ann - her second granddaughter

home and so cute


I love how alert and interested she is in uncle Daniel.


1st Christmas

a baby is the best gift

with my family on Christmas Day

2 week newborn pictures

She only has eyes for Daddy.

meeting Great Grandma Bisson

1 month old

Words can't describe this love.

1st social smile captured on camera

1st basketball game to see uncle Jacob play

at another basketball game to watch uncle Jake play

Clara loved sucking on the side of Daddy's thumb. :)


loving tummy time

2 months old

little talker

She loved looking at the red, white and black LOOK LOOK! book.

Grandpa & Grandma came to visit!

Clara's baptism

4 generations

with Grandpa & Grandma Ellingson

3 month pictures

This was so fun looking back through pictures of baby Clara, and this is only the first 3 months.  More to come!

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