Thursday, January 16, 2014

Clara 3-6 months

I am having so much fun looking back through these pictures of when Clara was a baby.  They grow so fast!

meeting cousin Isaac who was born March 19, 2011

checking him out

Daddy sure loves his girl.

loving her bumbo chair

I adore this picture of Clara.

Look at those cheeks!  Clara has always been petite and really wasn't a rolly baby, but looking back at these pictures I'm realizing she had some good cheeks! :)  We are at our friends' wedding rehearsal dinner here in Lincoln, NE.  Yay Renae & Brad!  Daddy couldn't come with us because it was his Army National Guard training weekend.

With the stunning bride.  I got to be one of Renae's personal attendants on her big day.

had to give her a little boost so she could have fun in her bouncy activity chair

having fun

Clara meeting sweet Great Grandma Ellingson.  I remember I couldn't get Clara to nap that day, Michael's mom tried as well, but it was Grandma Erna who was able to rock her to sleep. :)

4 generations

4 months old

Look at that beautiful girl in the mirror!

hanging out with cousin Isaac

She somehow had this book propped up on her own!

looking so cute with her headband on

"Look Mommy, I can sit!"  She is 5 months here, but didn't have sitting mastered till closer to 6 months.

Great Grandma Kann getting to see Clara for the first time.  Grandma Opal sure is tasty! ;)

my little dolly

after Great Grandma Ellingson's funeral :(

This picture is so funny!  Staying warm at uncle Jake's baseball game.

5 months old

with uncle Jordan at uncle Jacob's baseball game

sucking on her toes

at the park

Great Grandma Bisson and Clara are two of the most beautiful girls I know!

We love visiting Grandma Bisson.

We loved walking to our neighborhood park and swinging!

flowers from our sweet 96 year old neighbor

sitting by the bonfire at the Wilkison's

We got Clara a baby pool for the yard.  She was much more excited about it than she looks. :)


6 month pictures

Love this sweet girl!  I'm so blessed to be her mommy.

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