Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Clara 17-21 months

These pictures are from Summer 2012 (May through September)… weddings, the zoo, swimming, camping, fishing - all the things that make up a great summer!

at the zoo 

pretty cousins with matching headbands

Here we are at my brother Benjamin's wedding.  Please excuse my hair.  It didn't turn out how I had envisioned it! :)

How handsome are my baby brothers?  Clara loves her uncles Zachary and Jacob!

Clara & cousin Isaac

at Drake Springs pool loving the water

Coco Key Water Resort in Omaha - our family's first little vacation

taking a little rest on Daddy under the fountain

eating breakfast in bed at the hotel

Omaha Zoo - so much fun!

riding the train around the zoo

A second after I took this picture that "small" gorilla stood up and put his hands on the glass right over Clara.  She didn't even flinch.

petting zoo

She loves riding the carousel!

at the park in Britton

fishing with Grandma, Daddy, Emily and Mommy at White Lake

Father's Day

at The Crossing campout at Inspiration Hills

my beauty swimming in our backyard

meeting my good friend Brandi's new baby Brecken Matthew

interesting book reading position :)

at Andy & Katie's wedding

with our friends Jillian & Levi

BFFs - our wonderful life group

Clara picked up the microphone after church and started singing and dancing on stage. :)

4th of July - Emily, Jenna, Sara, Anna & Clara


Grandma Bisson's 95th birthday party

popcorn lovers

Britton pool

Michael's childhood best friend Keith's little girls Grace & Annabelle are adorable!!!

movie night

Clare rode the little train about 10x at Harvest Days in Britton.

This became a new favorite game quickly after moving into our first house in Aberdeen.

Storybook Land

This was taken on September 16, 2012 - Davey's due date!  But he wasn't quite ready to make his debut so we went to Max & Erma's! :)

my sweet girl & her besties Ducky & blankie

These were our last few months as a family of three.  Next up we joyfully welcome David Michael into our family!

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