Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Camping with Friends

We went camping at Lewis & Clark with seven other families the last weekend in August. We had our own circle of campsites this time so it was awesome to be able to let the kids ride their bikes around our loop and have the center circle for campfires.

We were there for a matter of seconds before Clara was climbing trees. :)

We had such good helpers putting up the tent.

I love these two best friends!

Kera found a frog!

Matthew's hot wheels are always a hit!

The. Best.

morning bike ride around the loop


Liam :)

Macie, Clara & Kera <3

Michael, Davey & I went to check out the sailboats! :)

throwing rocks

We caught three fish!

Stella & Shaya

We ran into my old friend Mariah and her kiddos.  Anastasia and Clara were born only a couple weeks apart. :)

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