Sunday, November 1, 2015

Swimming & Friends

These summer fun pictures are from August 7th-11th.  Swimming at the pool and the lake, playing outside, and a visit from a good friend I hadn't seen in 5 years...

Sunny days at the park are the best.

sweet, silly one

Clara hanging out with the neighbor girls.  She looks so big!

swimming at Kuehn pool

practicing swimming with Daddy

love that little tongue sticking out

While we were there we realized the kiddie pool is free and it was their favorite part!

I mean, how sweet can a little guy be?!

My good friend from high school, Nicole, and her little guy Gabe, came to visit and spent the night.  We hadn't seen each other since I was pregnant with Clara and it was so good to catch up.

We have some seriously cute kiddos, Nicole!  If only Willow could have joined the fun!

my gorgeous friend - love you!

Michael and I help with preschool at church and this was our crew this Sunday. :)  Love them all!

We went to Wall Lake with our life group. :)

taking a cruise on Doug & Brenda's boat


Friends ready to watch Jake and Celia's uncle compete on American Ninja Warrior!

A bunch of friends pitched in to buy my cousin Andrew's wife Susan two wraps for their new baby Summer.  Andrew and Susan and their four kiddos live in Hungary!  We all passed one of the wraps around and took silly pictures with it, then the mastermind behind it all, Cherish, made her a photo book.  So fun!

silly friends!

Clara started Classical Conversations this year and we had a picnic with our new homeschool group this summer.  Clara showed off her hula hooping skills.  She is such a cute, little dolly.

He made it!

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