Friday, November 13, 2015

First Half of September

Our Storytellers life group got together for a picnic at a park September 1st.  I snapped this picture of some of the kiddos right at the end.

Science experiments at our Little Explorer's preschool are always a hit!  Davey gets so excited about them.

We've been looking at houses some and we saw one house with the cutest playhouse in the backyard. I wanted to buy the house just for the playhouse!  How sweet does my girl look standing on the front porch?!  Her only complaint?  It didn't have a chimney. ;)  She's definitely my daughter.

checking out the neighborhood park near that house

The Bartz family came over for a playdate.  These 5 are the cutest!

Davey loves his super hero squad.

My half-brother Jesse was in the hospital in Sioux Falls so we got to go visit him.  He's the sweetest.

nothing like a going for a cruise just in your undies with the top down ;)

Clara's first ballet/tap class at her new studio.  They have big windows looking into the classrooms and I love being able to watch her practice.

Clara is in pink in the center

She loves taking tap for the first time!

hanging out with the O'Connor kids :)

Clara & Davey playing at the toy store after family pictures.  The each got to pick out a toy for doing so awesome at our photo session.

Clara's first day of Classical Conversations!
September 14, 2015
I am FOUR years old
My favorite color is DARK PURPLE
My favorite things to do:
*helping mommy bake
*arts and crafts
*singing and dancing
*playing outside
When I grow up I want to be a CANDY MAKER

my gorgeous babes

Clara insisted Davey needed a picture on his own too. ;)  Love that little tie shirt on him.

Clara and Davey love hanging out with the neighbor kids.  Kellen is a sweet little guy.

Candace's baby shower for baby Solomon! :)  We had this planned before he was born, but apparently too close to his due date and had to reschedule!  Love these ladies and their babes.

cuddled up asleep on the couch September 17th <3

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