Saturday, November 7, 2015

Mid-August Wrap-Up

Clara & Davey's Little Explorers preschool group took a field trip to the zoo August 12th.

Davey and Will checking out the monkeys

Atika slept over the night before and came with us to the zoo. :)

The Little Explorers + Atika

We saw a vet working on a duck at the little animal clinic in the zoo.  I think Atika was inspired. :)

We had game night with my family at our home that night.

these two :)

Michael and I went to check on the kiddos and Clara was "reading" Davey storybooks. :)


We got Clara a Calico Critters doll house she had been eyeing for the past year. :)  She loves it!

Clara took the last ballet/jazz/tap class of the summer at her new dance studio.  It was an hour long and she loved every minute of it!  She's the one in pink behind the middle bar.

playdates at the VanBeek's are always a great time

The Little Explorer's came to our house this week.  Jess had an awesome fine motor craft for the big kids.

Chuck E. Cheese!!!

They had a blast!

We hit the jackpot on one game!  Tickets galore!

my girl on her special night

meeting sweet baby Wyatt 

beautiful morning at the park August 25th

It's so fun playing baseball with David.  He LOVES it!

Silly girl!

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