Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Davey's 3rd Hot Wheels Birthday Party

We celebrated Davey's 3rd birthday September 19th with lots of family and friends. We did a Hot Wheels theme for his party and he's still talking about it 2 months later. He'll say things like, "I want to go back to my party." ;) He LOVES Hot Wheels cars and monster trucks, so it was the perfect party for him. We got smart and had the party in our community room this year. It was a lot of fun!

Michael and I made this race car track for Davey for his birthday.  I was inspired from THIS post on Pinterest and it turned out awesome!

The legs are on hinges so we can just fold them down when we're not using it.

I made this car photo booth the morning of Davey's party.  I know, I'm a crazy person!  But it turned out so cute.  This idea came from another Pinterest POST

pictures of my sweet boy, birth to 3

Davey handed out Hot Wheels blind bags for party favors.  My kids love blind bags!

And of course, we had a piñata. I recently asked Clara if she was ok skipping the piñata for her upcoming birthday party and she said, "but then it wouldn't be a real party." ;) I think we have a tradition on our hands!

I based the food on concessions you could get at a race track with a few fruit and veggies thrown in for good measure.

We had nachos with all the toppings...

"stop light" fruit kebabs

"dip stick" veggies

all beef hot dogs and pretzels


....and popcorn!

Based on the lack of leftovers, the food was a hit!

loved his "3" racetrack cupcake cake

ready to party!

Our THREE year old!

Clara & Natalie :)

the David family

the Lexen family

Will & Amelia

the Murray family

the Dockter family

the Pike family

Jordan, Jake, Clara & Zach :)

Billy & Heather

:) How did I not think this was going to happen with the balloon decorations at a three-year-old's party?

the kiddos with Grandma Ann

cruising with Grandma & Grandpa Ellingson
(who, by the way, were a huge help with the kiddos and helping us get ready for the party the last few hours!)

all the sweet kiddos
(who I bribed to sit there for a picture with the promise of doing the piñata next ;)

piñata time!

Davey got it open!

time for cake!

I love this little three-year-old more than words can say!

these two... :)

blowing out his candle

I love this picture my brother Jordan took of Abigail and Mom capturing the gift opening for me.  I really appreciated their help!

Clara even got a present from Grandma Ann! :)

My brother Jordan took this awesome picture. :)

It was a great party!  Thanks to everyone who came out to celebrate and love on Davey!  He felt pretty special and had the best time.  We love you all!

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