Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Birthdays, Baby Showers & Pumpkin Festival

Our Little Explorers preschool group had a play date at the park September 25th and celebrated September birthdays with cupcakes.

Davey turned 3,

...Ezra turned 2,

...Ainsley turned 4,

...and Lydia turned 3!

besties Amelia and Clara

playing at our park

We celebrated Gabby and baby girl Avery with a Sprinkle Shower September 27th.

Gabby loves her blardigan (part blanket, part cardigan) sweater and it looks awesome on her.  Thanks to my blog friend Sheaffer over at Pinterest Told Me To for recommending it!  I love it too!

Clara's drawings <3

Melissa's baby shower with our small group girls September 29th!  We squeaked it in just in time because Melissa had baby Cohen less than 2 days later!

So Cohen made the 4th baby boy born in our small group in less than 4 months!

The daddies and kiddos played at the park while us girls were at the shower.

my baby boy

These ballet besties could barely stop hugging and holding hands long enough to dance that day!  Love them!

Davey LOVES our neighbor boy Kellen!  They were catching crickets.

Harvest Festival 2015


Davey making his selection.

Clara found the biggest pumpkin she could!

My cute hubby and his little helpers!

my little loves

love my pretty girl

Notice Clara holding Davey's hand, making sure he made it to the top ok.  She's always trying to take care of him and is such a good big sis.

We love taking our kiddos to these festivals at The Country Apple Orchard!

Davey loved going down the biggest slide there with all the kiddos twice his size.

I could not believe Clara was brave enough to try the jump onto the giant ball obstacle course!  The ball bounced her right off. ;)

Look at that face! :)  Daddy had to go rescue him.

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