Thursday, January 7, 2016

Family & New Babies

We LOVE visiting my sweet Grandma.  The kids are always just as excited as I am.  Here we are on October 4th.

Grandma winning Golf :)

Classical Conversations ~ checking out various plants

12 weeks with baby #3

My super sweet aunt Anne passed away so we went to the cities for her funeral.  My cousin Katie's daughter is named Clara as well, so here are the two Claras. :)

Clara loved playing with some of her second cousins.

Tap class ~ Clara is the third one in, balancing on her heels. :)

Clara and I had a Cherry Berry date!  We love frozen yogurt and girl time!

Meeting baby Miriam for the first time!  So precious!  Her mama Jessie and I have been friends since first grade. :)


This boy LOVES babies.  He's going to be such a good big brother.

checking her out

My hubby - The man looks good holding a baby!

Bringing the family to meet baby Cohen!  I had the honor of taking pictures of his home birth.  Such a sacred, beautiful experience!

I'm going to have the best helpers come April. :)

baby bump picture with my sisters-in-law
Heather 39 weeks, Gabby 36 weeks, me 13 weeks

We celebrated my mom's birthday!

A blardigan for her as well!  Now Mom, Gabby and I all have them.  Cozy! :)

Happy birthday Grandma!

We even skyped Atika (and Daniel) in for the party!

We hosted our small group in October.  Sam and Davey were twinning!

The three baby boys...

and their big sisters!

These two love playing dress up!

Is there anything better than when busy littles want to just sit and cuddle? :)

my little colorer

Meeting baby Danny!  Katie is my third friend who had a baby in one week!

Clara's Classical Conversations classmates :)