Sunday, January 10, 2016

Welcome Haddie Jo, Other Birthdays, and a Broken Arm

Clara and Davey's reactions when we found out their cousin Haddie Jo was born October 18th. :)

We went to the hospital to meet Haddie Jo the next day and my mom was there visiting.  Grandchild #5 for her!

They love her already!

She is precious!

My big brother Billy is a daddy!

Family of 3!  Way to go mama Heather!

The next day my sweet boy fell off the back of the couch and broke his arm. :(  Here we are waiting at the ER.

What a trooper.  He had a buckle fracture in both bones in his right forearm.  They had him wear a temporary splint for the first two days to allow the swelling to go down.

We went to sweet Cali's 3rd birthday party at Scheels.

Davey saying hi to baby Jack :)

Afton, Clara, Cali & Davey :)

Then the kids got to ride the ferris wheel!  Clara wasn't feeling brave enough that day, so I rode it with Davey and our buddy Noah.

Then they got to go bowling!  Scheels has the cutest kids' bowling area, which we had heard about but never checked out before.

Davey had the best reactions when the pins got knocked over!

Sillies!  Happy birthday Cali!

We had an appointment to get Davey's permanent splint on later that day so we just stayed at Scheels and hung out till it was time.

We had to get one more game of bowling in!

There's a reason why we call Scheels "the fun store." :)

Davey had to wear his splint for 3 weeks and did really well with it.

The Andersons and the Murrays came over to hang out and we celebrated Parker's 2nd birthday!


The boys had fun with Davey's race car track.

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