Sunday, March 27, 2016

Children's Museum

We had plans to take Clara and David to the Children's Museum in Brookings for the first time on Clara's birthday but the roads were icy that day so we didn't make it.  We finally went January 16th and the kids had the best time.  They both loved it, but Davey asks to go again almost every day. :)  It definitely lived up to its awesome reputation.

working on a car ;)

changing his first tire with Daddy :)

They loved shopping for groceries!

little news anchor

little dolly getting ready backstage for the show

Davey loved making ice cream cones.

He LOVED farming so much!

my little pumpkins

gathering the eggs

Davey also LOVED being the postman and sorting and delivering mail!  Adorable!

love the crossed foot

little cashier

The craft room had clay that day!

watching Daddy make something

Be still my heart.  Love them so.

water play room!

dancing to the music

on stage!

big builders


Clara listening to my heart beat :)

looks good enough to eat!

It was so nice just to spend the day playing with my little loves!

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