Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Christmas 2015

Christmas morning with sweet little ones is just the best thing ever and one of my most favorite days of the year.  Their excitement and joy is infectious and we have so much fun spoiling them a little.  I love having a relaxed morning and letting the kids set the pace.  They want to check out and play with each gift as they open it and it just makes the fun last longer.  We had fresh fruit and cinnamon rolls and had Michael Bublé's Christmas album playing.  It really is just the best.

Coming out to see the tree for the first time on Christmas morning!

Seriously... I'm the luckiest.

We get them a special ornament each year.  This year we got them gingerbread house ornaments since this was the first year we made gingerbread houses.

This is the first year we did presents from Santa.  We haven't made a big deal of Santa in our home, and just talk about him in more of a story sense when he does come up, but just living in our culture the kids know all about him and believe in him, so I tried not to overanalyze it and we decided to just go for it with the Santa gifts.

This boy wanted an Imaginext set so badly and this one did not disappoint!  He plays with it all the time.

Clara named her One Generation doll Ginger. :)

And she named her pony Snowflake. <3

my favorite boy in the world

a new superhero for the collection... hours of fun

Husband's turn!

There's not much this girl loves more than crafts!

His piggybank plays "take me out to the ballgame" when he puts coins in.  Davey is sooo excited to play t-ball this summer and I can't wait to watch him!

Davey loves playing dollies with his sister, so we got him his very own baby boy dolly.

the sweetest!

Clara had been begging me to let her sew something so we got her an age appropriate sewing craft.

such a fun daddy

my little fishers

Megna-tiles... one of the best purchases we've made.  The kids play with these all. the. time.

Clara's first creation

Davey's first build

I just love her beautiful face.  More Calico Critter friends!

Checking out their Usborne Books science experiment book.  Davey can't wait to make slime! ;)

Davey prayed every night for weeks leading up to Christmas, "I wish for a robot."  It was so funny.  Well his prayers were answered and he named him Ricky Robot.

Sitting back and enjoying watching the littles play.  I love our life together.

her first craft from the art bin

starting her sewing project

We finally got dressed mid-afternoon and headed to my mom's house.

My sweet 98-year-old grandmother was there and it was so special to be with her on Christmas day.

Clara & Avery :)

There was no shortage of presents under Grandma's tree with such a big family.

Auntie Jenna even FaceTimed in from California.  The littles were excited to see her and show her everything.

fun uncle Jakey

uncle tickles

These two. <3 Davey and Zachy checking out Zach's new remote control car.

Saying good-bye to Grandma.  This picture is so funny with Jenna in the background.  We should have told her to smile, ha!

Davey's first set of legos :)

These two are so cute and look so much alike sometimes.

cousins in their new dresses from Grandma

my little ballerina dancing

Yay!  I was so excited for a new set of dishes!

Atika does not disappoint in the gift opening reactions department! ;)

Two silly peas in a pod!

Uncle Daniel spoiled my kids!

Atika and Daniel were so sweet to bring a ton of Atika's old books up from Florida with them.  My kids have been LOVING them!

What a full, wonderful Christmas day!  Grateful!

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