Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Family, Little Explorers and Celia's Tea Party

Wahoo!  A few of my friends are big into baby wearing and introduced me to Pavo woven wraps.  I purchased this Swallowtail Charm from a mama in California.  Can't wait to carry my tiny one around in it.  I'm thinking it will especially be nice for outings with three littles so I'll still have two hands free for the other two littles as well as for getting things done around our home.

Clara and I visited Jessie & Miriam one day.  We had missed them!

We finished off our afternoon of errands with a cupcake from Oh My Cupcakes! :)  Love one-on-one time with my sweet girl.

These two. :)  They had all of Clara's Calico Critters set up and were watching a show with them.

We had my family over for supper and a game night March 8th.  Love seeing my little nieces.

Isaac and Davey :)

my brothers and their daughters :)

cousins eating ice cream and watching a movie

Clara had her little friends set up again to watch a show with her. ;)

Mr. Handsome melts my heart

Little Explorer preschool mamas all due in April! :)

having a snack in the sunshine

Abigail and Candace had this sweet little card and  craft for all of us pregnant mamas.  It was so thoughtful and sweet!

wearing our necklaces :)

It was a beautiful day and it felt so good to be in the sunshine!

My sweet girl got invited to a tea party birthday party and she was so excited!

How sweet is this little set up?

They had real tea with cream and sugar. :)

Clara and Celia, the birthday girl!

We met Michael's parents and sister Emily in Brookings at the Children's Museum March 13th!  Clara and Davey had been asking to go again. :)  Davey still asks to go about every day.

my little farmer

adorable little waitress

Clara brought me flowers :)

We've saved the water play room for last!

My sweet uncle Brad played for over an hour with my kids and even took them outside to do bubbles.

Veronica & Brad brought the kids coloring books, stickers, Easter bunnies, cupcakes, bubbles and even let them make the chocolate covered strawberries they brought for dessert.  Seeing lots of family was such a fun part of taking care of my Grandma.

We stopped at the Jasper park on our way out of town. :)

36 weeks!  Baby girl will be here so soon!

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