Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Valentine's Day and other fun

Thanks to several friends who passed our kiddos around, Michael and I got to have a day and a half mini getaway on our own over Valentine's Day weekend.

So, we celebrated Valentine's day with our little loves the Friday before.

Davey's little face in this picture is so adorable!  They both insisted in having their babies and monster truck sit by them while they waited for their little Valentine's Day gifts.

cozy blankets and chocolate for the win!

They both have special baby blankets, but they're getting a little big for them, so they have both been loving having bigger cozy blankets of their own.

The next morning we dropped the kids off at a friend's house and headed to a couple's massage.  Great way to start the day! :)

We then had brunch at The Original Pancake House.  So good!

Then we grabbed a few groceries for the weekend and went to the airbnb we had reserved.  My only requirement was that it have a fireplace.  I love sitting by a fireplace more than just about anything, so we snuggled in right away and I pulled out a book I had brought along.  Glorious!

Does this french country bedroom not just scream bed and breakfast?!

We did a lot of this.  It was so nice just to take time to relax and talk, just the two of us.

Oh, and we had a private jacuzzi just outside our door!  Poor us, I know.  We had the temp turned down some since I'm pregnant, and I only sat in it briefly once, but Michael sure enjoyed it!

31 weeks

my Valentine <3

We went the movie The Choice and had an early supper at Johnny Carino's before picking up our kiddos.  It was a great little getaway.

The next day Clara had Celia over for a playdate.  She brought a tea set along, so they loved having a tea party together.

And they even let little brother join in the fun for awhile!

back at Grandma's house, snuggling their babies

all loaded up to head back home from Grandma's

Clara's valentines for her classmates!  I got this adorable printable from my blog friend Andrea.

passing out her valentines

Clara and her classmates with their silly robot :)

Clara and Davey got to go to Matthew's 5th birthday party at Chuck E. Cheese February 22nd. :)  They were so excited.  I unfortunately had to work so Michael brought them.

Love it!

I found this adorable little selfie on my phone. :)

Davey was not amused when he slipped in the mud at Grandma's house. ;)

My life group girlfriends and I surprised Brenda with a little birthday dinner. :)

a few of Clara's crafts

Clara and her CC classmates with their art projects

bedtime stories

My silly boy making Great-Grandma laugh!  LOVE! :)

such a sweet picture from when my mom came to visit us and Grandma

She is just so precious to me.  Love my Grandma so much!

One super special thing about spending so much time with my Grandma these past couple months was seeing my husband and Grandma's relationship.  He was so sweet to her and I loved overhearing their conversations.  Reminds me why I married him! <3

We stopped for pizza on the way home and decided to use some arcade gift cards we've had for a year! :)

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