Thursday, January 26, 2017

Carpool Book Club {01/26/17}

Today I'm linking up with sweet Narci for her Carpool Book Club!  I love reading these kinds of posts and getting ideas for new books to read.  Goodreads is awesome for keeping track of books I want to read as well as books I've read.

I realize this is a bit nerdy #talknerdytome, but I love to read and for some reason writing about it motivates me to make time to read.  And hey, whatever it takes.  It's so easy to put reading on the back burner and not read at all.  And well, then I'm really missing out.  Maybe you'll find a book that you want to read yourself!

by Elin Hilderbrand
Winter Storms is the final book in a trilogy and I couldn't wait to see how the story wrapped up.  I read the first two books (Winter Street and Winter Stroll) this past winter, but had to wait for this third book to be released (and then a few more months for life to slow down).  I love that these books take place largely around Christmastime and are such easy reads.  I'm a bit sad the story doesn't continue, but the author did a great job giving closure to all of the storylines.  Reading this series has also made me want to visit Nantucket with my husband someday!

by Lauren Graham
I couldn't have loved this book more!  Gilmore Girls and Parenthood are truly my two most favorite shows of all time.  Needless to say, I'm a huge Lauren Graham fan!  I listened to this book on Audible and it was read by Lauren Graham herself.  It was so enjoyable to listen to Lauren read the book and I laughed out loud several times.  It's interesting because I've been hesitant to try Audible because listening to a book (versus actually reading it) felt like cheating.  I'm not really sure what kind of make believe book reading police I was afraid of disappointing, but thankfully I had a friend encourage me to try audible recently (Hi Kristin!) so I decided to go for it.  (It's amazing how much I was able to get done while listening to it!)  I'm sure it will just depend on the book and the author and who reads the audio version, but listening to THIS book couldn't have been a better choice.  It's smart and funny and sentimental and hearing Lauren say all the words herself made it perfect.  So if you're a big Gilmore Girls or Parenthood fan I'd highly recommend this book!


  1. I read and listened to Lauren Graham's book and loved it! I recommend listening to her novel, Someday, Someday Maybe, too. I listened to it and enjoyed it more than I would have reading it, I think.

    1. Interesting Mel! I was thinking I would probably enjoy that one more (it's on my list!) by reading it myself, but then again, how could I go wrong listening to Lauren Graham read it?!