Monday, March 27, 2017

11 Months, Isaac's Birthday & a Mystery Dinner

Emma's favorite thing to do is to take everything out of the play kitchen... 😉

This little guy must be going through a grown spurt with his impromptu naps and big appetite.

out for a walk with my girls

Michael helped Clara and Davey make bird feeders with pinecones, peanut butter and bird seed.

Clara really wanted to make a birdhouse, so we found this little birdhouse kit for Clara to paint and we helped her build it.  Now it just needs a guest!

So much fun having the Murrays and the Davids over for supper Monday night.  This is the only picture I took all night.  Can't believe those sweet baby girls will both be ONE next month.

We planted some flowers the other day and Michael has big plans to build planters for our deck to grow a few veggies this year.

The kids and I went to see our buddy Sam perform in The Lion King musical that his school put on Thursday.  It was super cute and we got to see a few other kiddos we knew up on stage, too.

Emma is 11 months old!  Just over 3 weeks till her first birthday.  Crazy!!

Davey asked to take a picture with Emma and LOOK HOW SWEET!!!

Clara had dance class Wednesday, and her and Davey had swimming lessons on Thursday.

So precious.  Clara drew pictures of the different kinds of flowers to mark each one.

We celebrated Isaac's 6th birthday yesterday!

Love this little family!

Love you buddy!

Michael and Clara had a fun evening together attending the Girl Scouts Mystery Dinner last night.

It sounds like they had so much fun!  They got to order three courses, but the menu only had silly clues as to what they were actually ordering.  They kept track as they figured out what was what.

Clara's sweet troop leader text me some photos, too!  You are the best, Katie!!

So fun!

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