Sunday, March 5, 2017

Life Group, Cousins and a Sweet Surprise!

We came across our old iPods and Clara has been loving listening to music on them.  She looks like a little 90's girl here!

We had our life group over for supper on Tuesday.  I was trying to get a picture of the three little ones and my bigs hopped in.

I've been wearing Emma a lot more the past couple weeks.  She's super sleepy here.  She loves it though.  My little papoose! 💜

Clara, Davey and I made butter during kindergarten this week.

My favorite blogger friend sent me an advanced copy of her latest cookbook this week!  She is just the sweetest and I'm so honored!  It is gorgeous and I love all of the pictures, anecdotes and tips!  I'm so excited to have fun in the kitchen with my littles while whipping up these yummy recipes.  Thank you Shay!!!

To see my review of Shay's previous cookbook Eats click here.

My sweet little niece Avery and nephew Isaac spent the day with us yesterday while their parents moved into a new home. 

All the heart eyes!!!

There are many things that haven't come easy for us with our kiddos (sleeping!), but they sure love their veggies.  I noticed Davey had helped himself to a snack yesterday and was eating a tomato like an apple. Hahaha!

There are just no words.  I love this sweet baby so much!

Michael and the big kiddos had fun with the last bit of snow!

Clara made this snowman herself. 😊

Clara had Girl Scouts this afternoon and had so much fun as usual!

Looking forward to the coming week!  We're hosting an essential oils class and the kiddos start swimming lessons.  We've been continuing to spring clean and we're up to 11 garbage bags of things to donate.  It's an awesome feeling to organize and get rid of what we don't really love or need.  Hope you all have a wonderful week!


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