Monday, March 13, 2017

Water Babies

Cohen & Emma were playing so sweetly at life group this past week.  Love those babies!

Clara and Davey saved up some quarters from helping clean up, so we went for a walk so they could each buy a donut.  We are so ready for warmer weather!  Come on spring!

Emma took her first big girl bath on her own and loved it!  She LOVES those little wind up butterflies.

Emma and I have loved baby carrying with our wraps a lot more often the past few weeks.  What a joy baby!

Clara and Davey started swimming lessons last week and absolutely loved it!  They are both little fish and I'm so excited for them to learn how to really swim.  Davey keeps saying at bedtime since then that he's not tired because he didn't get to go to swimming lessons that day. 😂

Right before I took this picture Davey spotted us, smiled and waved.  It was so precious.  He looks so little here.

Michael attended our church's mens' retreat at Inspiration Hills over the weekend.  Love that he had the opportunity to intentionally grow in his relationship with God and others.

Meanwhile, we enjoyed a slow weekend at home!

Emma's 1st bubble bath!  She loved it and Clara ran interference on Emma eating the bubbles, ha!

I just gave Emma another epsom salt, baking soda, melaleuca essential oil bath this morning to help combat her cold and she officially locked herself in as a water baby!  She was crawling from end to end and intentionally putting her mouth under the water trying to take a drink. 😊

Happy Monday everyone!

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