Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Show and Tell Tuesday: Top Ten Pictures

I'm joining Andrea today for Show and Tell Tuesday!  Today's topic is to share our top five (or ten) pictures of all time.  Talk about a rabbit hole...  This is pretty much an impossible task for me, so I'm just going to share ten-ish photos that I love.  The top ten pictures of all time is just too much pressure. 😉

My Grandpa and Grandma Bisson were two of the most wonderful people I've ever known.  They made me feel so loved and were such amazing examples for me.  I miss them both so much.  I'm so thankful my mom took these pictures.  I'm pretty sure my Grandma made me a cake that night and we celebrated my fourth birthday.

Oh my goodness, hahaha!!  I wish I could just freeze time and catch up on all of my picture projects.  One of them would be to go through all of my childhood pictures and scan them all and make digital copies for my siblings.  Can you tell I wanted a sister pretty badly!?  My brothers were such good sports.

I'm not counting this one as one of my 10 since I'm sure there are plenty of other pictures of the six of us that I'd love more given the opportunity to go through them, but I had to include one with Jenna, too.  She was only two weeks old here!!  I was clearly in little mama heaven to finally have a baby sister!

Jenna took this picture of Zachary and Jacob and it's my absolute favorite.  I think they're two and five here.  When Michael was deployed to Iraq, he had an artist there paint this picture for me and it's so incredible!  I still have the painting hanging in our living room to this day.

Jessica, Renae and Keira are some of my favorite childhood friends.  This is us in 2008.  Don't we look so well rested?!  Haha  It's now nine years later and we have ten kiddos between the four of us!

My beautiful, sweet Clara was Billy and Heather's flower girl when she was just three.  She couldn't have been more precious!

I think this is my favorite picture of Michael and me.  It was taken in fall of 2014 and I just love the colors.

Another bonus photo!  This one popped up on my timeline today from two years ago.  This was taken at like 10 pm so it's amazing how well the kiddos all cooperated.  My family has added three sweet baby girls since then!

I love these two little best friends so much!  I was thrilled when I realized they were both cooperating for family pictures in the fall of 2015.  Adorable!

And I'm not counting this one either because it was taken on the same day as the previous picture.  Haha, I'm totally cheating, but just be glad that I'm not posting 100 pictures, because I could easily come up with 100 favorites!  How handsome is my little man?  Davey had just turned three here.  I'm already thinking about how we need to redo this pose in this spot for his senior pictures and then do a side by side of the two shots.  That will obviously be a long, long, long way off as I have big plans to keep him little.  Love him so.

There aren't words to describe how much I love this picture.  Emma is just one day old.  So so precious!

Sweet little newborn smiles are the best.  Emma is 11 days old here and so beautiful!

And I had to get one family photo in the bunch.  I am incredibly blessed and forever grateful that these four are mine.

Have a wonderful day everyone!