Friday, March 10, 2017

Friday Favorites

Happy, happy Friday!!!  I'm joining Andrea to share my Friday Favorites from this past week (or so)!!

Some blogger friends of mine had one of their dear friends pass away recently.  They had asked for prayers for their friend Manda when she was diagnosed with cancer for the third time a few years, so I had been praying for her and following her story ever since.  I even purchased a #mandastrong t-shirt awhile back as a part of a fundraising effort.  Manda's motto of faith over fear and her testimony have been very inspiring and encouraging to me.  Continued prayers for her precious family and sweet friends.  She gave her amazing testimony in the video above and wrote a powerful guest blog post here.  So thankful for the hope we have in Jesus.  Obviously her passing is not a favorite, but the way she spent her life pointing others to Jesus is.

I shared on Sunday that Shay sent me an advanced copy of her latest cookbook Kids in the Kitchen last week! 😍  Surprise mail from my very favorite blogger is a favorite for sure!

Reading through her cookbook has already inspired me to start letting Clara and Davey crack the eggs when they're helping me cook or bake.  That may sound silly, but it's something I haven't considered letting them do before now but I'm going to start!  They will love it!

Shay commented on my Instagram post!  Yep, we're pretty much besties. 😉

Clara and Davey helped make the Green Machine Protein Smoothie yesterday for a snack before swimming lessons.  They love smoothies and this one did not disappoint!  We're making Baked Pizza Pasta Casserole for supper tonight!

I have been wearing Emma a lot more lately and we are both loving it.  She loves being snuggled up next to Mama while still being in on all the action, and I love the snuggles while having both of my hands free.

She is just the sweetest!!!

Baby snuggles are most definitely my favorite!

This Spring into Norwex picture just makes me happy!  The color teal, pink tulips, and Norwex are all my favorites!  We've been spring cleaning our home the past couple weeks and I'm so excited for the spring cleaning Norwex parties that I have this month.  It's so awesome to have household cleaning and personal care products that are free from harmful chemicals and work so well.  I thought I'd share just a couple of my all time favorites...

The mop!!!  We've had ours for almost 7 years now!  We love that there is no harmful chemical residue left behind, how well it works, and how quick it is to use!

Of course the Household Package is a must!  It's our most basic, key microfiber products that allow you to clean just about every surface in your home with just water.  It includes the Envirocloth, Window Cloth and Dusting Mitt at bundled pricing.

And you can't forget to take care of yourself!  The Body Pack cloths are my absolute favorite!  I use them to wash my makeup off and always bring one along when I travel.  A must have for sure!!

To check out the entire Norwex catalog, click HERE.

And you can order anytime from my website and have your order shipped directly to you.  I'd be happy to answer any questions you may have.  Happy spring cleaning!

David and Clara started indoor swimming lessons yesterday and they were all smiles and absolutely loved it.  The program seems super quality and bonus, it's a great energy burn!  Swimming is definitely their favorite!  Davey has been asking when our town pool is going to open since there was still snow on the ground. Ha!

Tuesday I shared my kiddos' birthday parties from the last three years for Andrea's Show and Tell Tuesday link up.  Birthday parties are my favorite and it was so fun to look back through pictures from Clara and Davey's parties and check out some of the other party posts.

Have a fabulous weekend everyone!!!



  1. Your daughter and her birthday party look adorable! I am always so impressed with how creative people are. Thanks for sharing!