Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Show and Tell Tuesday: Kids Parties

Today I joining Andrea to talk about my favorite kids parties.  I love celebrating birthdays and I love a good themed party so naturally party planning is something I really enjoy, especially for my little loves.  I'm excited to share my kiddos' birthday parties from the past three years.

We celebrated Clara's 6th birthday ballerina style!  Clara has taken dance class since she was two and absolutely loves it!  She requested a "pink ballerina" party and it was so much fun to put together.  The girls colored and decorated ballerinas with glitter stickers.  We were blessed to have a friend of a friend come put on a mini ballet class for the girls which ended up being the highlight of the party for Clara!  Click HERE to see a lot more pictures and read all about it.

Davey has been all about superheroes this past year so picking a theme for his 4th birthday party was pretty simple!  He changed his mind about a dozen times as to which superhero he wanted to dress up as and finally decided on Captain America, and he couldn't have been cuter.  Clara and Emma were Super Girl and Super Baby, and Michael and I got Batman and Wonder Woman t-shirts which made the day even more fun.  And bonus: we were set for Halloween costumes!  The kiddos decorated face masks, played pin the star on the shield, and played Hulk Smash.  Davey loved it all!  To see more pictures and read more about his party click HERE.

We threw Clara a rainbow party to celebrate her 5th birthday!  The party was mid-morning so we opted for a donut cake with rainbow sprinkles and fruit in the colors and shape of a rainbow.  Clara and all of her little friends colored rainbows and made rainbow colored bead necklaces.  The kiddos also had a rainbow pull string piñata as Clara said that it wouldn't be a real party without a piñata!  Ha!  To see more photos of this rainbow themed bash click HERE.

The year Davey turned three he was all about Hot Wheels!  Michael and I made him a wooden race track for his cars and it was a big hit!  I also created a car photo booth that turned out super cute for all of Davey's guests to take pictures in.  We had a concessions theme for the supper and the kiddos got to do a Hot Wheels pull string piñata.  Davey kept asking to go back to his party for months after it was over like it was an actual place we could go visit, ha!  To see more from Davey's Hot Wheels party click HERE.

Clara loved Cinderella leading up to her 4th birthday and Cinderella has always been my favorite so this was a special party to plan for my sweet girl.  We had friends over for supper and the kiddos all decorated princess tiaras and king crowns.  We also had a Cinderella pull string piñata for the littles.  (Are you noticing a theme here?!  We had a piñata at every party for 2 years.)  To see more Cinderella party pictures click HERE.

Planes, train and automobiles summed up Davey's interests as he turned two and we had so much fun celebrating him!  Oh goodness, he's such a sweet little baby in these pictures.  I made a cloud to shoot paper airplanes through so that was fun for him.  The kiddos also colored and this was our first party with a piñata.  Davey's cake was also pretty amazing!  My precious Grandma (who was 97 years old at the time) came to Davey's second birthday party and it meant so much to have her there.  I miss her so much.  Andrea actually included this party in one of her It's My Party posts she did awhile back!  To see more from Davey's 2nd birthday party click HERE.

Well that was a fun little stroll down memory lane.  My sweet baby Emma turns one already next month!  I haven't started planning her little party, but the theme will be Good morning, Sunshine.  My mom used to sing me a little song in the morning when I was little and it's a really precious memory.  I sing the same song to Emma most mornings.  It goes, "Good morning, Sunshine.  You brighten my day with your beautiful sunshine.  It's a brand new day." 💜  If you're looking for me in the next month and a half leading up to Emma's birthday, I'll be over here trying to figure out how to freeze time, or at least slow it down. 😉

I'm excited to look through everyone's kid party posts!  So fun!



  1. Yes!!! I also LOVE throwing kids parties...I plan them in my head months & months in advance. My kids all love helping plan them with me also :) Off to check out your Superhero party...that is what my 4 year old wants for his party theme this year :)

    1. We speak the same language Mel! ;) My kiddos love it too! They've already told me unprompted what kinds of birthday parties they want this year... in September and December. hahaha!

  2. All of those parties are so cute! Great job! :)