Saturday, July 9, 2016

Father's Day and a Canaries Game

We went to Finding Dory 3D on Father's Day June 19th. :)  I totally dropped the ball with pictures that day.  This is the only picture I got with Michael and the kids.  It was a busy day!  We had church, lunch at our friends' house to celebrate their baby's baptism, Finding Dory, and then we went to my mom's because my brother and niece had just gotten home from Florida.

Emma meeting uncle Daniel!  She had all the smiles for him!

Reunited and it feels so good!  Clara loves her big cousin Atika.

biggest cousin, littlest cousin

2 months old (picture taken 3 days late!)


trying out our new ring sling!

You wouldn't know it by that big smile, but my sweet girl had a temperature and was sick this day.  She asked for a foot bath. :)

Grandma Ellingson got Emma this bunny and she loves checking her out.

Our maiden voyage with the new stroller!  After many hours of research I finally made a decision.  Clara is standing on the gliding board that attaches on the back.

Thanks to our friend Monica, we got free tickets to the Canaries baseball game Friday, June 24th.  The Davids joined us too which made it even more fun, of course!

I love Brecken's face!  As you can tell, he was highly impressed with my picture taking antics. ;)

Love.  Watching the fireworks.

Cohen and Cali came to play!  

This sweet girl is really good at sucking on her fists to soothe herself.  Clara did the same thing!  I remember Michael had said Clara had one strawberry hand and one chocolate hand because she made it seem like those little fists tasted so good. ;)  We told our "big" kids this story when Emma started doing this and they were highly amused.  So now they're always commenting on which flavor she's sucking on. ;)

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